Brands we carry

We provide automation spare parts to extend the life of your machines. We are aware how costly a machine breakdown can be for a production plant. Unexpected failures of the machines are a maintenance manager’s worst nightmare. Addressing the issue often requires a complete revamp of the system and this results in extra time and money being invested in it.

We strongly believe that our customers should be allowed to have the option of maximising the use of their existing systems for as long as possible. We do not wish for our customers to be compelled to update or to invest in completely new systems unnecessarily.

With this philosophy in mind, not only do we provide servicing on all the updated and new systems or supply industrial components, we are also able to source for obsolete components that the OEMs no longer support.These solutions allow our customers to keep their existing systems by simply replacing the faulty parts without the need for a premature costly upgrade.

Our global network of suppliers offers us numerous possibilities to source for items from brands such as:

Allen Bradley