For a vehicle owner, carrying out routine maintenance for the vehicle is a very important priority to do. The purpose of routine maintenance is to keep the vehicle’s good performance on a day-to-day basis and avoid experience problems while driving.

Unfortunately, maintaining consistency to routinely perform maintenance on vehicles is not as easy as imagined. Following routine service and maintenance can be difficult because of the many components that must be considered. Starting from oil changes, tire rotation, alignment, changing the cabin air filter and much more.

In the case of cabin air filters, it is a good idea to replace them with new ones once a year. However, you should pay attention to how often you drive and the area where you drive as a consideration for changing the cabin air filter. If you are driving in a large city which is usually a congested area or a place with poor air quality with high levels of air pollution, you will need to change the cabin air filter more often.

What happens if you don’t change the cabin air filter on a vehicle?

Simply put, the cabin air filter serves to capture micro particles that are in the car compartment to produce clean air in the car. Imagine what would happen if the filter was not replaced? The filtration function of the cabin air filter will not run optimally and will make air impurities accumulate in the filter.

Beside the filter that is not functioning optimally, other things that could happen if you do not regularly replace the cabin air filter are as follows:


  1. Passengers will have breathing problem in the car compartment
  2. Hvac system performance degradation
  3. Disruption of the air circulation process
  4. Bad smell in the car that cannot be filtered

What are the signs that a vehicle needs to replace the cabin air filter?

The following are signs that your vehicle needs to replace the cabin air filter:

  1. A whistling sound emanates from the cab air inlet
  2. The airflow is weak, even when the ac is on
  3. Excessive noise when the heating or cooling system is running
  4. Bad smell wafted in your car compartment