Car cabin air filter is an important component to protect car passengers from air contamination. As explained by, the car cabin air filter in the vehicle helps remove harmful pollutants, including pollen and dust, from the air you breathe in the car. This filter is often placed behind the glove box and clears air as it travels through the vehicle’s hvac system.

Why is a cabin air filter needed for a car, which is a closed vehicle? This is due to the fact that dirty air enters the car space through the air circulation hole. When the driver or passenger opens the car door, unhealthy air will easily enter the car space. Therefore, your vehicle needs a component that filters up the tiny particles of dirty air that enter until it is finally safe for passengers to breathe.

It can be concluded that the cabin air filter is one of the important components in a vehicle because it plays a direct role in the health of the driver and passenger. If the cabin air filter is not running properly, the air pollution outside the car that threatens the health of the body and has various disease effects for drivers will be inhaled. Therefore, the cabin air filter must be replaced regularly for an effective performance in filtering the air in the car.

The area where you usually drive also plays an important role as consideration of how often you need to change the cabin air filter for your vehicle. If you are driving in a large city which is usually a congested area or a place with poor air quality with high levels of air pollution, you will need to change the cabin air filter more often.